Brick P.A.L Summer Camp



The Brick PAL Summer Camp is located in the heart of Brick Township at the Brick PAL Youth Center at 60 Drum Point Road. The PAL Camp program offers a variety of schedules for working and non-working parents. The Summer Camp program can start as early at 7:00 am and closes as late as 6:00 pm. It is held 5 days per week, Monday through Friday. The children are grouped by the grade they will be entering in September of that year.

PAL campers, if they so choose, take trips anywhere from 2 to 4 days per week. They spend their summer visiting beaches, parks, museums, water attractions, and various tourist attractions throughout New Jersey. These trips vary according to grade level and age. On scheduled in-house days, PAL Camp offers a day of fun filled enjoyable activities, special events, themes and a variety of recreational activities. Whether a movie, ice cream, a theme day, or make your own sundae day--the kids always have a blast.

With so much packed into one summer, your child is sure to love and cherish their PAL Camp experience. Campers must be registered to attend, and applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis, based upon availability. There are minimum requirements, as well as a Brick PAL Doctors Health Release Form that must be completed by your physician and returned prior to the child starting Camp.

For more information about our programs and services call 732-477-0144 or email summercamp@brickPAL.org.