Brick P.A.L Summer Camp




Hello Camp Parents!!!    Brick PAL Summer Camp 2020 was set and ready to go quite early this year, and as we all know, times changed in February for all of us with the pandemic we are all still living with. 
With the safety and health of everyone at the Brick PAL Summer Camp, and the less than favorable conditions mandated by the CDC and the State of New Jersey, we regret to inform everyone that we have decided it best to not hold a Summer Camp for the 2020 summer. 
The restrictions and mandates bestowed upon us would have made for a less than enjoyable camp experience for the children we all love. It is with a heavy heart that I author this note, and only hope that as life returns back to "normal", at some point in the future, we can once again open and run an enjoyable and cost effective camp that you and the PAL children have all come to enjoy.
We wish you all a safe, healthy, and fun summer... 
Please be well...