Brick PAL Programs



The Brick PAL Summer Camp is located in the heart of Brick Township at the Brick PAL Youth Center at 60 Drum Point Road. The PAL Camp program offers a variety of different types of scheduling for working and non-working parents. The Summer Camp program can start as early at 7:00 am and closes down daily at 6:00 pm. It is held 5 days per week, Monday through Friday. The children are grouped by the grade they will be entering into in September. 

Our Summer Camp program is the most affordable in the area, and here are a few facts that you may not have known about our Summer Camp:

--you do NOT have to be a resident of Brick to attend our Summer Camp

--Brick PAL Summer Camp is NOT canceled because of weather, ever. The weather may affect planned trips, but the camp remains open rain or shine

--with before care and after care availbale, Brick PAL Summer Camp is a great option for those parents working during the summer months

--payment options including credit card payments and discounts for paying in full, you will find our costs are attractive and competative as well

--you do not need to send your children all 5 days to camp, we are flexible with our schedules; come down and talk about the options with us

--Brick PAL Summer Camp has many age appropriate trips during the summer, making it fun and adventurous for the kids, not just sitting in a building waiting to be picked up



The Youth Forum is an empowerment program that promotes leadership and service in area youth ages 11 through 15. The program is a National Police Athletic League program established in 1991 at Niagara PAL and was adopted as a National PAL Youth Empowerment Program. As a result, participants of the Brick PAL Youth Forum have the opportunity to visit and interact with other Youth Forum leaders across the country. The Forum meets weekly and play key roles all year here at Brick PAL.

For Youth Forum information please email info@brickpal.org



The Brick Township Police Department and the Brick Township Police Athletic League are happy to announce their first joint project. Science on Patrol is designed to promote the interest of middle school children in solving created “crimes” or “mysteries” by applying forensic science procedures actually used by investigators. The “crime scenes” will be based on real cases, or invented, when needed.

For Science on Patrol information please email  info@brickpal.org. 




The Boxing Program offered at the Brick PAL Center will be the most life challenging opportunity for you to learn and develop quality Olympic style boxing skills from the best amateur/professional boxing coaches here in our facility. Dedication, devoted participation and hard work will determine your future endeavors to be a well-educated and trained boxer for our……White Collar Boxing Program - Minimal physical contact with no eligibility for sparring and competition; or, …Class “A” Amateur Boxing Program – Intense/advance training with sparring and eligibility for competitions, including the Golden Gloves. Price: $150 per 6 months. Come visit and see what Brick PAL Boxing is all about.


Not a professional? Not looking to enter into the Golden Gloves, but just looking to train and exercise? NO WORRIES!! The Brick PAL has you covered! Offering classes and exercise classes for men and women alike, 4 days a week there are participants in the gym sweating it up and staying in shape! Come on in and check it out!

For Boxing information please email  info@brickpal.org. 



Every Tuesday night we offer country line dancing lessons, beginners are welcome - advanced dancers attend also.

Bill and Lisa play great music, not just country, and participants enjoy dancing all night long. Never been? Don't worry. Bill takes great pride in teaching the beginers in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. No pressure, lots of fun, and before you know it, you'll be dancing all the steps you've learned from them.

Every Tuesday from 6:30pm to 10pm, and just about every 4th Saturday of the month from 7pm to 11pm, you are sure to enjoy this night out with some great people and great music. We encourage you to bring some snacks and have a great time with the rest of the country line dancing crew! Saddle up and come dance!

For Country Line Dancing information please email  info@brickpal.org


For more information about our programs call 732-477-0144 or email info@brickpal.org. Please understand we are all volunteers and the office is not occupied daily.